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Flatbread History

The history of flatbread

goes back at least 5000 years when men and women first began “Baking” in enclosed earthen mounds. The simple leap from an open fire to a more controlled heating process expanded the culinary possibilities for all mankind. We rolled into the picture in 1998, Going back, in order to move forward. Since then, the

flatbread company

has been introducing people to the magic of earth and fire, and how that combination can produce incredible tasting pizza. Beginning in Amesbury, Massachusetts in the summer of 1998, our mission of providing both guests and employees a place to “renew their spirit”, has never wavered. The story of flatbread is a story of the people that work here and the guests that support it.

Real food, served by real people, in a real environment. Back in 1998, there were hardly any distributors of organic food and the locally produced food were in their infancy, just like us.

So the history of flatbread is also intertwined with the local farms and local producers, like Cider Hill farm in Amesbury MA, valley view farm (Goat cheese) in topsfield MA, george’s hemlock hollow farm (maple syrup) in Kensington NH, Barbara’s brownies from Amesbury MA (Now Hampton NH)…

Together they produced and we prepared served and then, most importantly, the local community supported us. This rather simple sounding partnership between flatbread, organic food, local farms, local producers, and the local community, has been successfully transplanted to nice other locations.

Each time we build our ovens in new locations, it is our mission to become an integral part of the fabric of that community through our sustained actions. We thank you for your part in our partnership and our history.

Flatbread Company